Xanthelasma – Causes and Treatments



Xanthelasma is a very common problem among the people who are in their second or third decade. They are fatty bumps or lumps present around the eye or corner of the eyes. They are yellowish colour in appearance. These lumps are associated with the circulating cholesterol in the body. People who are overweight or have high levels of bad cholesterol in comparison to good cholesterol can experience this type of skin blemishes.

Xanthelasma Treatment and Lifestyle options

Getting rid of Xanthelasma is not very difficult. Controlling cholesterol levels by adopting a good diet and routine can help. Doing cardiovascular exercises like running, cycling, brisk walking, swimming, etc. can help a lot in managing cholesterol levels. By doing this, these spots vanish on their own. However, there are some stubborn cases where either spots don’t fade away or come back repetitively. In such cases, consultation from GP can help. In local hospitals, conventional excision method is used for the Xanthelasma removal around eyes.

For people who are very young in age usually have these spots temporarily and they fade away once their cholesterol levels are controlled.

How are these fatty lumps around the eyes treated?

At Renew Skin and Health Clinic, we have Oculoplastic surgeon to remove Xanthelasma and this generally cost anything in between £1200 – £3000 depending upon the complexities of the procedure. Also, we use Carbon Dioxide Laser (CO2 Laser) for Xanthelasma treatment. This procedure is comparatively inexpensive and gives comparatively good results than the later one. If you are considering having this treatment with us, it is always advised to get the circulating cholesterol levels checked and if there are any it is advised to address them before consultation or treatment. Since we are a private clinic there is a consultation fee of £100 (which may subject to change without prior information).

Please also be aware that Xanthelasma has a very high recurrence rate at any centre across the globe and the reason for this is simply the advancing age and physical inactivity on top leads to the development of a new lesion and therefore the treating surgeon will tell you about this difficulty. If you have any further questions about this fat deposit around eye treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us at 01926 422 454.