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About Warts

Warts are common infections produced by a virus commonly known as HPV or Human Papilloma Viruses and hence sometimes they are called viral warts.

These Warts classically have a rough surface, can be small or raised and feel stony hard and the colour of this may vary from skin colour to whitish colour. Warts are included in the skin lesion category, along with moles and skin tags.

They also come in the shape of skin growths, but the major cause of manifestation is the infection with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many types of warts which include common warts, flat warts, plantar warts, filiform warts, and periungual warts. They can grow on all parts of the body, but they are mostly found on: feet, hands, mouth, face, genital and rectal area. These can be disturbing to look at and cause psychological and social traumas for those who suffer from warts.

The Genital warts are also produced by HPV viruses but only HPV type 6 and 11 will produce genital warts. These often occur as a result of sexual intercourse with someone who has genital warts. Nonetheless, these warts are non-cancerous except the ones which occur on the cervix of the womb.

They generally do not cause any symptoms of pain except when they are present in the weight-bearing area of the sole of the foot where sometimes they are called verruca or plantar warts. These verrucae typically become painful when they become bigger with time.

Warts generally appear on fingers when they are called finger warts, on toes, they are called toe warts, on hands, they are called hand warts, on wrists they are called wrist warts, on the face, they are called facial warts, and none of the exposed skin is spared as they can occur anywhere.

Although warts are caused by various strains of the HPV or Human Papillomavirus and they can reappear, there is a fast, simple and painless procedure that can ensure complete wart removal. If you suffer from these warts, then we advise you to seek the help of your doctor to see what help you can get from them. Please do not be tempted to buy over the counter products as they are generally very weak and may not solve the problem.

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