Venous Lake Treatment

Effective Treatment for Venous Lake

The venous lake is also called phlebectasis which is an ordinarily solitary lesion that occurs on the lower lip. These appear as a dusky blue compressible lesion and size of this vary from 0.2 cm to 1cm and commonly seen on the lower lip but can also occur on upper lip occasionally. Other areas of face including ears. They sometimes get confused with melanoma, and hence one should seek expert opinion from their doctors or local dermatologists to get a 2nd opinion.

The ideal candidate

The venous lake is often seen someone who is in their thirties upwards, and smoking and sun exposure have been blamed for causing this. Further venous lakes have been seen in close family members but there is no genetic element to it.These do not normally produce any symptoms but occasional bleeding is possible if they caught between the teeth but never become cancerous. Interestingly men are more affected than ladies but occur in both sexes.The diagnosis of this condition generally based on clinical examination and history.Treatment is generally not required but if there are cosmetic concerns, then one may seek the help of local Hospitals and clinics. It can be removed by cutting this away under local, but there is a small chance of asymmetry of the lip due to loss of tissue.

Another option is liquid nitrogen or cryotherapy. At Renew Skin and Health Clinic in Leamington Spa, we have vast experience of treating venous lakes using advanced laser and generally just few treatment session is required to treat venous lake. Following laser, the area will blister and soon a scab forms within days of the procedure which may look little odd but rapidly the scab matures and separate, and the wound heals with a natural looking pink lip.Please be aware that at Renew Skin and Health Clinic there will an initial consultation fee of £100 and the laser cost per session will be £250-350 depending upon the size of the venous lake and one may need just one session but occasionally more sessions may be required to treat the venous lake.

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