Spot Fat Reduction

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How Could You Benefit From Fat Reduction?

Radiofrequency has a long history of application in several medical domains such as dermatology, cosmetology, gynecology and so on, the non-ablative RF being the newest addition to fat reduction treatments. With the introduction of cryogenics, the RF can now be used upon deeper dermis layers while still ensuring protection for the skin. This extremely precise deep heating of the dermis does not harm the outer epidermis, generating microscopic changes to the tissues and remodeling collagen.

Radiosurgery or Radiofrequency energy is now a revolutionary solution for non-surgical spot fat reduction and facial skin tightening treatment, performed at Renew Skin & Health Clinic by our doctor specialists. Combined with other techniques, such as cryotherapy, for the cooling of tissues, the controlled RF (radiofrequency) heating of the fatty facial layers and sagging skin can ensure tissue tightening, increased blood circulation and collagen synthesis, in such a manner that the fatty deposits will be drained by the lymphatic system and your facial skin and contours will regain their firm, sculpted and smooth appearance.

There are two modalities of the Radiofrequency treatment for fat reduction and skin tightening, namely the Unipolar and Bipolar, the former using only one electrode that transmits the radio waves through the body, meeting maximum resistance in the targeted area around the device, while the latter uses two electrodes which start and complete the electrical circuit of the radio waves, no current flowing through the rest of the body except the areas between the two poles.

When performing cosmetic radiosurgery, the doctor specialist has complete control, cooling the skin whenever necessary, taking into account that 42 degrees-temperatures are used (6-9 minutes per area). This completely non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure usually lasts for 30-50 minutes and it ensures facial skin and contours remodeling over a few months which can last up to two years. During the procedure the Radiofrequency waves pass through the skin, reaching up to 2 cm in depth, causing the breakdown of the fat membrane, so that it is released and taken over by the lymphatic system and disposed of by the liver.

The RF facial fat loss and skin tightening procedure is mostly painless, as local anesthetics are used and the patient may experience occasional mild heat discomfort. The RF is great for the face, chin line, jaw-lines and even eyelids being FDA approved. Depending on the severity of skin degradation, our doctor specialists will recommend a certain number of sessions, the usual number ranging from four to six.

A private specialized consultation is always mandatory before undergoing the Radiofrequency procedure for facial fat loss and skin tightening so the doctor specialist here at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, can take into account a medical history, current health condition, determine if you are an ideal candidate (regardless of the age, as everyone ages differently) and answer all your questions, to prevent possible future complications, side-effects and ensure the optimum results you are expecting.

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