Skin blemishes

How to Treat Skin Blemishes on Face and Body?

Anything on your skin that appears unpleasant to you is considered as skin blemish. Although, it is not a medical term, but, an umbrella term that covers all type of aesthetic skin related problems like Mole, Fibrous Papule, Skin tags, Viral Warts, fatty deposits e.g. Xanthelasma, Seborrhoeic Keratosis, Solar Keratosis, Lentigines, DPN, Acne etc.

Best treatment for Blemished Skin

Generally, people with any type of skin blemishes try to treat them at home with some local remedies. However, it is certainly not possible to get rid away from them without any medical treatment. Some types have nodules under the skin. So even if you are trying some home remedies, they might give you temporary results and may reoccur. Many of us try to use chemical or cosmetic substances that claim to clear out such blemishes but again their results are not guaranteed. In turn, they leave scars. Opting for a medical treatment can sometimes be a tricky decision. It is natural to have some thoughts about the after-effects and side effects of the treatment if something pops up into your mind you can have a word with a dermatologist.

When to see the doctor?

Although, most of the skin blemishes appear to be harmless, it always advised to keep a close tab on their growth and appearance, e.g. any blemish on your skin changes its colour or grows with time, experience pain occasionally. Such spots can be cancerous if ignored. Passive blemishes can be left untreated. However, for cosmetic reason, they can be removed with the advice of a local practitioner.

How to remove blemishes from the face permanently?

If you have skin blemishes that are present on your face body or trunk and if you do not get help locally then you may contact Renew Skin and Health Clinic at Leamington Spa where we specialise in dealing with all sorts of uncommon and common skin blemishes. If you are interested in seeking a treatment you may send photos of your problem area to Dr Jha via WhatsApp on 07866 715 815. Alternatively, you can email your photos to If you are coming to us, please be aware that there will be consultation fees of £100 and the cost of the treatment will be discussed once the severity of the treatment is reckoned.

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