Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment

What is Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

Sebaceous hyperplasia is another way to call enlarged sebaceous glands that can be seen on the nose, cheeks, and forehead in middle-aged and elderly people. These are small skin coloured bumps that appears on someone who were generally 30+. It is a common, benign skin condition represented by small yellowish bumps up to 3 mm, on the surface of the skin that emerge from the sebaceous glands, the ones responsible for producing the oily substance called sebum. Sebum is a oily substance which protects our skin from dryness. Excess of this causes oily skin, acne and sometimes oily scalp. Sometimes the sebum gets trapped into these sebaceous gland to form a visible bump called sebaceous hyperplasia.

So, these are essentially a result of enlarged sebaceous glands in the skin.Sebaceous hyperplasia can appear anywhere on the body, but these eruptions are more often encountered on the face. Other areas of the body where they can develop are the chest, mouth, nose, foreskin, vulva, shaft of penis, scrotum and areola. These bumps are harmless and they do not necessarily have to be treated unless it causes serious psychological concerns. Occasionally these bumps may be confused with a special type of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma or BCC and therefore we advise you to seek help from your own doctor to get their expert advice.These eruptions are actually harmless, sebaceous hyperplasia being a curable skin disorder, or at least their appearance can be improved, even though treatment is not obligatory. However, they will not disappear without treatment and scratching or breaking them open could lead to infection, which would be the ideal moment to contact a specialist.

The experienced dermatologists at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic perform various safe and efficient procedures, but the DEKA CO2 laser sebaceous hyperplasia removal cosmetic treatment is the most efficient, chosen by most patients.Although it may be just a cosmetic issue, sebaceous hyperplasia can cause stress and anxiety for sufferers because it affects their image and if they don’t take action, it may lead to loss of self-confidence. The exact causes of sebaceous hyperplasia are unknown, but it might be related to hormone levels, or it can be hereditary.Currently there is no cure for sebaceous hyperplasia however some medications especially retinoids such as Isotretinoin may help in severe cases. As mentioned above sebaceous hyperplasia are completely harmless condition but the individual bumps can be improved by electrocautery or CO2 laser ablation which is commonly performed under local anaesthesia.

Patients who decide to undergo a private treatment at Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa with DEKA CO2 laser for sebaceous hyperplasia removal have to book an appointment for a specialized consultation. There you will go through a doctor’s consultation and at this consultation we will confirm or exclude the diagnosis of sebaceous Hyperplasia. If this is confirmed to be sebaceous hyperplasia then we will offer you a patch test (Cost £350) with CO2 laser and also electro-cautery and see which is the best suitable treatment and then we treat the rest with the same device and the cost of which varies depending upon its severity on individual cases but this will be clarified to you at the consultation.The DEKA CO2 laser sebaceous hyperplasia removal treatment is a painless, efficient and safe private procedure that improves their appearance, but does not eliminate them.

More sessions could be performed for superior cosmetic results, the doctor specialist carefully focusing on each lesion. The DEKA CO2 device emits laser beams that work solely upon the affected areas of the skin, without harming the adjacent tissues. If you want to benefit from a sebaceous hyperplasia laser cosmetic treatment contact our Renew skin & Health Clinic and take the cosmetic specialist’s advice.

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