DEKA CO2 Laser Skin Tag Removal Treatment (DEKA)

Laser Skin Tag

Skin tags are common skin problem and in medical terms they are called skin papilloma or acrochordons. They commonly occur wherever there are skin folds or creases such as eyelids, neck, armpits, under the breasts, groins and so on. These skin tags appear as fleshy, skin coloured growths hanging out of the skin. These are generally harmless skin blemishes and have no risks of cancers from them.

These skin tags are actually harmless little flaps of excess flesh, very common, benign skin growths that affect about 25% of the world population, people with diabetes, pregnant women and overweight people being more prone to skin tags. Skin tags have various other names, among which the most often used is acrochordons, then cutaneous tags, papilloma colli, soft fibroma and Templeton skin tags. They are represented by small pieces of soft, smooth or mossy skin that looks like it is hanging. Also known as oddities of the aging human body, anyone can develop only one or multiple skin tags, including children. These imperfections can be skin-coloured or a little darker and their shape can vary.

Occasionally they may occur on the cheeks of the face and around the eyes including eyelids. Eyelid skin tags are only dealt at handful centres in UK including our clinic in Leamington Spa. At Renew Skin and Health clinic in Leamington Spa we advise you to have a formal consultation(£100) with our private doctor and he will advise you further.

The skin tags can catch against the jewelleries or tight fitting clothes causing pain or discomfort. They can vary in size from few mm to up to 20 mm. These are more common in ladies than in men and these sometime are associated with pregnancies due to hormonal imbalance, obesity and diabetes. Even though skin tags are harmless, people tend to worry because of their unaesthetic appearance. But they are not dangerous in any way, however, they must not be confounded with warts or moles.

That is why a specialized consultation is imperative and if you contact our Head Office at Renew Skin & Health Clinic the doctor specialist will assist and offer you the proper medical care, finding out if you are a suitable candidate to undergo the DEKA CO2 laser skin tags removal treatment.

During the DEKA CO2 laser skin tags removal private treatment the doctor specialist uses the revolutionary medical equipment, working precisely on the affected areas on the skin. By emitting laser beams to destroy the imperfections without harming the surrounding skin tissue, the DEKA CO2 laser is thus an efficient way to treat skin tags. This painless, safe and minimally invasive procedure is ideal for patients who decide to take action in what concerns their skin imperfections. If you are one of them, contact our Head Office at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, schedule an appointment for a specialized consultation and have your skin tags removed, being assured of positive cosmetic results.

Some people might have had skin tags and didn’t even know it because these skin imperfections can painlessly fall off by rubbing or getting caught in fabric or pieces of jewelry, but in most cases they don’t fall off that easily. The main cause for the appearance of skin tags is represented by assemblages of blood vessels and collagen that get captured inside thicker areas of the skin.

Skin imperfections such as skin tags do not contain nerves or cartilage so it is safe to remove them. After having conducted a proper physical examination and other necessary tests the doctor specialist at Renew Skin & Health Clinic will present you with the options for their removal. DEKA CO2 laser skin tags removal private treatment is an efficient, painless and non-surgical method that will rid you of such skin imperfections.

Skin tags can be removed using an acid based chemical or frozen off using liquid nitrogen which is called cryo therapy. The skin tags can also be removed by a doctor in an aseptic environment using surgical blade or electrosurgical device or an ablative laser.

Freezing or chemical ablation skin tags can lead to skin irritation and possibly a temporary skin discoloration. These methods of treatment of skin tags are not the best as repeat treatment many be needed to remove them. Removing the skin tags by way of surgical excision has a risk of post-operative bleeding hence we at Renew Skin And Health Clinic prefer wo remove these skin tags by CO2 ablative laser. The advantage of CO2 laser that it is quick, painless and scar free.

Please don’t be tempted to remove a skin tag by yourself without consulting your own doctor for number of reasons. If you suffer from skin tags which is causing concerns then do consider seeing either your own GP or come to us at Renew Skin and Health Clinic in Leamington Spa for a professional removal of these unwanted skin blemishes.