Painfree treatment for OTA Nevus

Ota Nevus or Nevus of Ota is a rare type of congenital birth defect which occur on the face. This is also called congenital melanosis bulbi as the white portion of the eyes or the scleral part of the eye can also be involved in this birth defect. This was first described by a Japanese scientist called Dr T M Ota in 1939 hence the eponymous Ota Nevus. Sometimes they are not congenital and occur later part of life. They are common in dark-skinned individuals and almost 5 times more common among females than in males. They are also rare in Caucasians. At Renew Skin and Health Clinic in Leamington Spa, Dr Jha likes to treat Ota nevus with either Q Switched (1064 nm) laser or IPL. They generally require several treatment sessions and improvement is generally noted after several sessions. This treatment facility may not be widely available in the UK hence we attract clients from all over the UK.

If you have Ota nevus then we advise you to explore local clinics/Hospitals who may be able to assist you but failing that you can always contact us on 01926 422 454. Please beware that the scleral (the white part of the eyeball) pigmentation that occurs with Ota nevus can’t be treated and also although the laser treatment sounds attractive but it also has some failure rate.

Although the laser treatment generally works in most cases but unfortunately, we cannot offer a guarantee for this treatment. If you do choose to come to our clinic in Leamington Spa for the treatment of nevus of Ota then please be aware that there will be initial consultation fees of £100 plus the laser treatment sessions will cost £400/ session and one would need repeated treatment sessions but only once every 6 weeks.

There is one possible complication that can occur is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and to avoid this we advise you to wear factor 30+ at the treated area even when indoors and avoid going out in sun for up to 1 month following laser sessions. But other than this no other risks.

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