What are Genital Warts? Ways Get Rid of them

The Genital warts are also produced by HPV viruses but only HPV type 6 and 11 will produce genital warts. These often occur as a result of sexual intercourse with someone who has genital warts. Nonetheless, these warts are non-cancerous except the ones which occur on the cervix of the womb.

The best results in genital warts removal have been achieved with radiosurgery, a non-surgical, minimally invasive, painless and safe procedure that also ensures far superior results as compared to any other treatment regarding the final cosmetic results.

Radiosurgery Treatment for Genital Warts Removal

Radiosurgery uses radio waves energy to do the cutting, without requiring the highly invasive use of the scalpel. The radiosurgery electrode generates energy that encountering the water within the cells triggers resistance from its part and causes the cells to volatilize and destroy from within. The small electrode also provides the practitioners with great precision and combined with the fact that the radiosurgery device uses high-frequency radio waves and low temperatures, there is little to no damage whatsoever to the adjacent tissues.

The electrode is auto-sterilized during the procedure while also cauterizing the lesion, so bleeding is prevented or minimized and as a result, the healing process is enhanced and possible future infections are prevented. The practitioner at Renew Skin & Health Clinic also uses a local anesthetic so there is no actual pain felt by the patient, just a mild tingling discomfort sensation making the radiosurgery genital warts removal procedure an ideal type of treatment given the high sensitivity and vascularization of the areas.

How long does the Genital warts treatment last?

Radiosurgery for genital warts removal is performed rapidly, the procedure lasting for 15-20 minutes (also depending on the number of genital warts to be removed) and most patients are highly satisfied with the efficiency and cosmetic results of the treatment.

CO2 Laser Treatment for Genital Warts Removal

We also use CO2 laser in the genital warts treatment. In that, we remove genital warts by vaporising them using a CO2 laser in just one visit. This advanced laser is a cutting edge technology used in removing various non-cancerous skin blemishes in just one visit under local anaesthesia.

As with any other type of skin treatment, the GP or specialist at Renew Skin & Health Clinic will perform a thorough consultation, while also assessing the patient’s medical history and current health condition to prevent possible risks, complications, and side-effects and most importantly to ensure optimum medical and cosmetic results.

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