Mole Removal

About Moles

A mole is a brown or black, flat or raised growth on the skin and as many other common skin lesions such as freckles, and skin tags, it is usually non-cancerous. An adult can have between 10-40 moles and they can be congenital or appear during the first 30 years of life. Despite the fact that some of them are considered beauty marks and were quite fashionable, nowadays as the tendency is to have a smooth, clear skin many people want them removed once for all.

It is not known why moles appear and if they have a purpose. They are caused though, by melanin which produces melanocytes. Sometimes, these cells cluster and cause moles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Body moles are common, appear during childhood or in young adulthood, should not be exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time and are usually harmless. Most people want their body moles removed because they are, same as facial moles, unaesthetic, but others do it due to their size, they can be uncomfortable when wearing certain clothing items, can cause rashes and because some of them keep growing and can become dangerous.

Radiosurgery is a technology used to treat various conditions of the skin and even of the deeper tissue. If you want to get rid of your unwanted moles to give you a new cosmetic look with enhanced confidence, this is the body mole removal procedure for you!

If specialists used a knife before, nowadays radiosurgery is a better alternative. It heals faster, leaves no scars and no bleeding due to the fact it uses radio waves at high frequency and low-temperature which are more accurate and only affect the targeted tissue. Different types of electrodes are used depending on the type of lesion, e.g. fine needle, scalpel blade, wire loop etc. 

The duration of the body mole removal with radiosurgery varies between 15 and 20 minutes, it does not require hospitalisation and is performed under local anesthetic. There can be some minor bruising, redness and tenderness for a couple of days but the treated area will completely heal in 7-10 days, leaving a pink spot which will fade in time, blending with the rest of the ski

The advantages of radiosurgery body mole removal are obvious: it reduces the mole removal time, it offers excellent cosmetic results, removes the tissues at a superficial skin level, doesn’t destroy the adjacent tissues, the lesion doesn’t require stitching, doesn’t cause bleeding and there is no abnormal swelling.

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