Fordyce Spots Removal

About Fordyce Spots

A common skin condition called Fordyce spots can appear in both genders, usually on the shaft of the penis, scrotum, vulva, on the vermilion border of the lips or on the eyelids. Also known as Fordyce’s spots, Sebaceous Prominence or Fordyce granules, these bumps can affect up to 95% of the population and can grow to be of about 5 mm. 

They are small, painless, slightly elevated papules or spots that can be pale red, yellowish, white or skin-coloured, a type of ectopic sebaceous gland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Another way to describe Fordyce spots on the genitalia in both genders would be blood vessels that have been abnormally dilated and that are covered by thickened skin.

Because of their appearance, Fordyce spots can cause distress to most people and seriously affect their social and love life. Even though this is a harmless and painless skin disorder, presenting no symptoms and being far from contagious, infectious or cancerous

Fordyce spots can be removed for cosmetic reasons because they have nothing to do with sexually transmitted diseases either. When opting for a treatment, it becomes important to be aware of the expected results. Some treatments do treat the spots but they leave a scar on the treated area.

CO2 laser treatment for Fordyce spots has been considered as most successful treatment so far. The precise beam of the laser makes sure that it targets only the spots irrespective of the size and vaporises it to a skin surface level. It is very important for the laser operator to vaporise it precisely to the surface and not deep enough to create craters. At Renew Skin and Health Clinic, our clinical lead makes sure that he himself takes the charge of the process, it being a critical treatment.

This procedure is painless as it is performed under the effect of local anaesthesia.

Renew Skin and Health Clinic offers number of methods for Fordyce spots treatment but geared differently for different types of Fordyce spots on the body.

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