Fibrous Papule

 Fibrous Papule Removal

Fibrous Papule, or to put it in simple words, are skin coloured moles which are usually seen around on the face but in particular on or around the nose and commonly on the tip of the nose. It can be related to the ageing; however, there is no known cause yet. These are always harmless but due to their presence on the face, they can be annoying, especially in those individuals who care for their looks and appearances including some celebrities.

Occasionally, they can appear slightly pinkish rather than completely skin coloured bumps but yet they are also another type of fibrous papule. People generally are tempted to remove these moles just for cosmetic reason.“They are best if left untreated as there is no risk of any form of cancer arising from these unwanted skin blemishes”, says Dr. Jha.There are two ways to remove these:Shave excision – This procedure is generally available everywhere in the country and are generally considered as a standard form of treatment; however, they do not give the best cosmetic outcome. But the advantage of the shave excision is that tissue can be obtained for histology to confirm the diagnosis if in doubt.

What is CO2 Laser Vaporisation?

This is an expensive way to remove fibrous papule or similar skin blemishes but the outcome of CO2 laser vaporisation is generally far more superior to shave excision especially from the cosmetic point of view. Sadly, owing to the cost of the machine this method is not available widely in U.K. and only handful clinics are able to offer CO2 Laser vaporisation of such skin blemishes or moles. And we suggest you to explore into this.The advantage of opting Laser technology is that biopsy can be skipped thus reducing the overall costs of the treatment, provided the treating doctor confirms that this can be done in this way. After the procedure is done, there will be slight redness at the treated area without any pain.

How long is the recovery?

The treated area may appear pink in colour for several days and we advise you to refrain from wearing any make up for at least 10 days from the day of procedure at Renew Skin and Health Clinic. At Renew Skin and Health Clinic we get large volume of inquiries for CO2 mole removal from different parts of U.K. including Scotland and Ireland. However, we always advise to the treatments seekers to get the consultation from their own GP or your local cosmetic clinic. But if you don’t get enough help and support then you may contact us in our clinic in Leamington Spa and we will be more than happy to help to address your concerns.For your assurance we are doctor led and we have substantial experience in the field.

At Renew Skin and Health Clinic, the process starts with a consultation that costs £100 to an individual and the overall cost of the treatment is discussed during the consultation but as a ball park figure is anything in-between £250 to £750 depending upon the size of fibrous papule. If for some reasons if you ever need a 2nd or a third treatment, it will then be completely free of charge which is our company’s policy. The consultation fees may subject to change without prior information. Here we guarantee to deliver the most cosmetically acceptable results.

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