Angiokeratoma Treatment

What is Angiokeratoma?

These are harmless lesions that appear on the scrotum in males and vulva in females. It can be one or many lesions with dark red to purple appearance. The appearance is a bit pebbled and they are hard to touch.

They don’t appear in defined shapes or sizes but can be expected up to 5mm papule. In severe cases, they are spread toward inner thighs, which is bothersome for the sufferer. 

These are stubborn lesions as they are hard to touch and don’t fade when they are squeezed or compressed.

What causes Angiokeratoma?

The reason behind their appearance is either the collection of blood vessels or dilation of vessels. Men or women of any age group, skin type or ethnicity can have these lesions, but they are common in people who are over 40 and it’s common in men.

Angiokeratoma is often confused with warts or STI whereas it is absolutely harmless and non-contagious, asymptomatic. Occasionally, they may itch or bleed if scratched or traumatised, so it is always advised to be careful while handling them. A consultation or treatment is required if there is a frequent scrotal bleeding symptom as it may lead to infection. In such cases, additional tests can be performed to rule out any clinical complications.

Treatment of Angiokeratoma

This skin condition can now be treated effectively and cosmetically at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, where a specialized physical examination is performed to rule out any other potentially malignant skin lesions (due to its scaly, dark appearance, it may mimic melanomas). CO2 laser treatment is the most preferred way to vaporise these lesions to give cosmetically satisfying results. Laser therapy leaves no post-treatment scars and downtime is really low. However, if left untreated even then they are absolutely harmless. The major reasons for opting Angiokeratoma of the scrotum treatment are stress due to appearance and anxiety fearing sexually transmitted infection.

Our Renew Skin and Health Clinic medical staff offers a competent clinical examination in order to determine the exact type present if Fabry’s syndrome is suspected, a skin biopsy and further laboratory tests may be performed.

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Adam TaylorAdam Taylor
08:59 15 Jul 24
Dr Jha was so welcoming, calming and professional. He walked me through the procedure, his extensive knowledge and experience and put me at ease about a procedure I’d been wanting to get for years. He checked in with me EVERY DAY during the healing process and offered constant support and insight. I would recommend Renew to anyone looking for the treatments they offer! A+
Veeresh NVeeresh N
12:47 12 Jul 24
Thanks Dr.Jha and team for giving online support .Much appreciated.
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12:04 12 Jul 24
Really helpful. Always available to help patients.
Nancy SharmaNancy Sharma
10:38 12 Jul 24
Great person
pavan patilpavan patil
10:05 12 Jul 24
Its quick responsive team of doctors that enables faster resolutions of health problems, thanks to all specially Dr.Jha.
Iffat RizviIffat Rizvi
10:03 12 Jul 24
Prompt and nice service. No charges. God bless you!
Radhika KonjarlaRadhika Konjarla
21:08 09 Jul 24
Dr Jha helped my daughter in providing right information. Thank you for the support
Jane McCreedyJane McCreedy
10:02 05 Jul 24
I have received an excellent service and treatment at the renew skin and health clinic in Leamington Spa. I had a small ugly lump on my lower lip which was diagnosed at the Clinic by Dr. Jha as a venous lake. This was treated with a special laser and within a few weeks the lump has disappeared and my lip has healed. I can highly recommend this service and treatment for complete removal of a venous lake. All the staff are very professional, full explanations on treatment and excellent follow up have been received. Thankyou Jane
chris bowenchris bowen
07:29 05 Jul 24
Absolutely first class service. Felt at ease as soon as I walked through the door. Everyone so welcome and I was nervous at the appointment but was so at ease straight away by all staff. Im so pleased with the results but also the aftercare is amazing and the Dr is always available to answer any questions at any time and replies almost straight away. I cannot recommend this clinic enough. Thankyou for giving me so much confidence after the treatment. Thanks again
A *A *
11:51 13 Jun 24
I’m currently undergoing a series of laser hair removal treatments at Skin Renew in Leamington, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. The care and professionalism exhibited by the team are exceptional. Dr. Pravalika, in particular, ensures that I am comfortable throughout each procedure, providing a reassuring presence and meticulous attention to detail. I highly recommend Skin Renew for anyone considering laser hair removal.
Meeral MashoodMeeral Mashood
14:00 23 May 24
Been going for laser hair removal for a few months now! Been through a variety of different treatments and clinics – this has been the best experience so far!! Painless and effective laser hair removal! Dr Pravalika is super attentive and knowledgeable – makes sure I know what she’s doing and what settings are used!! She checks in multiple times throughout treatment – absolutely brilliant!
Mark ReynoldsMark Reynolds
14:58 25 Apr 24
Went to get a skin growth removed by laser. Very good consultation, treatment, and attention to post-op care. They proactively got in touch after the treatment to make sure I updated them about how I was doing. Brilliant. Very happy with the result, and would go again. Also, polite and friendly. They know what they’re talking about, I’d recommend.

Dr. Jha Nawal

Cosmetic Physician

Dr Jha, is a Senior Cosmetic with close to 30 years of experience in the industry. He is well established and renowned in the UK especially for certain cosmetic procedures. His main area of interest is into cosmetic dermatology. He began his career after graduating from the University of Ranchi in India with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) in 1992.

He moved to United Kingdom in 1996. During his stay in UK, he has worked within NHS in various capacities. Over the years Dr Jha has gained substantial experience in use of various advanced medical lasers such as CO2 laser, Nd-Yag laser, Pulsed Dye laser, IPL, Excimer laser, Alex laser and so on. He has particular interest in treating various common and uncommon skin blemishes using lasers.

In order to improve his skills, Dr Jha regularly attends international and national conferences and learn about the latest developments in his field. Dr Jha is also an associate member of ISHRS. Dr Jha is also a current member of many prestigious medical societies such as BMA. He is also a member of the Independent Doctors Forum (IDF).

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