Keloid Scar Removal

About Keloid Scar

Keloids can be defined as over growth of scars that doesn’t know when to stop. A keloid, sometimes is also referred to as a keloid scar. They appear as a tough heaped-up scar that are raised above the rest of the skin. It generally has a smooth top and may appear purple or even pink colour.

Keloids are knobbly and irrreularly and these tend to grow progressively with time. Unlike normal scar tissue, keloids do not regress or improve with time. This can cause lots of psychological distress to the sufferers. Keloid can grow unprovoked or follow dermal trauma.

Frequently Asked Questions

The growth of keloid can be uncontrollable and can continue to grow without regression. These patients may experience itching and pain.

Common occurring sites include chest, shoulder, earlobes, back of the head, scalp, and upper back. Keloids sometimes is confused with hypertrophic scars.

The gold standard treatment for all keloids is intralesional steroids which is usually triamcinolone in the dose of 10mg/ml and this is often mixed with saline and or local anaesthetic or both.

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